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Caricatures Testimonials


"Dear DALE! After careful review of all Caricature artists in the area we SURE made right choice for our daughter sweet 16 party that took place 10/23/2011. As you state on your website DaleGladstone dot com -"You cannot find better artist for your event" - It is 200% TRUE!!!!! Everyone from little guests to grand parents took advantage of getting themselves great looking caricature that they will keep in memory of our event. I will be the first to recommend Dale for their event. Dale is very professional and accommodating. Dale is an amazing artist that have wonderful taste and great communication skills as finding a way to deal with 30 teenagers and 15 younger kids is not an easy task :) and HE DID IT VERY WELL! Many thanks from all of us. "

- Oct 25, 2011 by Alex, Olga, Rina and Daniel

"We hired DALE for his services for our wedding last year in CT and he did a phenomenal job. Everyone enjoyed getting their Caricatures done without paying a penny out of their wallets. I would highly recommend this artist; he was very professional and showed up on time."
- Oct 18, 2011 by Guest44833

" DALE did really cool Caricature work for my nieces Bat Mitzvah in Westchester last weekend. This artist made awesome caricatures of me and my parents as well and sat for hours drawing really fun pieces of all the guests at the event. Highly highly recommended. " *****
- Jun 9, 2011 by Dorit

"I hired DALE GLADSTONE based only on references from the web. I was very pleased with his work as a Caricaturist/artist as well as with his professionalism. Dale traveled to Westhester for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah and worked non-stop from the cocktail hour until the end of the reception. Both the adults and the kids enjoyed watching him work on his tablet and could hardly wait to see their own faces transformed into caricatures. I will definitely be hiring Dale for our youngest daughter's Bat Mitzvah in a few years "

- Jun 7, 2011 by dk2dkb

"A very talented Caricature artist, DALE came all the way up to the Berkshires in Massachusetts to draw for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah party. He was a complete hit with all the guests. No one wanted him to leave! A patient and gracious guy, I would recommend Dale to anyone looking to add a special touch to an event. "

- Apr 26, 2011 by Guest18652

"Nice guy with a great product. He was a hit at a trade show, with lots of people watching as he worked. Very entertaining in a large group and was nice enough to send me a copy of his work..."
- Mar 25, 2011 by Guest97515


" DALE did a great Job & he was extremely pleasant and patience. I highly recommend everyone get a Caricature done by Dale. Wonderful experience, would like another in the near future. " *****
- Dec 17, 2010 by tenitaylor

"DALE'S talents He did a fabulous job and he is very talented! and he also did a beautiful thing at Coogan's by donating his time and great talent. Everyone enjoyed it and had a good time. Thank you Dale for re-booting just to make my caricature and for the long hours. The caricatures were awesome! you are a true artist. "

- Dec 9, 2010 by Guest21634

"Highly recommended!He did a great job incorporating an event that brought our Washington heights Community together and at the same time fun for the big and little kids!"

- Dec 7, 2010 by Guest09496

"Due to our limited budget, DALE's time at our event was limited but he had a line the entire time and folks looking for him after he had gone. If you want an excellent Caricaturist for your events, I would highly recommend him. "

- Oct 17, 2010 by Greta Rushion, - Independence Residences, Inc.

"I'm the Activities Director at Camp Adventure, a one-week sleepaway camp for children who are cancer patients and their siblings. This past summer, DALE GLADSTONE came out to camp for a day and personally created a Caricature for every single camper there. His work was not only fantastic, but his demeanor with our campers was extremely cordial and friendly. He drove quite a long distance, and stayed well beyond the expected time to ensure every camper got one. I would most heartily recommend him and his caricature skills to anyone looking for such a person for a party or special event." *****
- Oct 4, 2010 by Marc

"DALE'S talents wowed our guests and exceeded our expectations. I have heard nothing but praise from guests that attended. He is personable, entertaining, and professional. Thank you, Dale, for making our party a success!"

- Oct 1, 2010 by drbev"DALE created a wonderful caricature of my husband and I...we love it!!! He is a friendly person and I am looking forward to having another caricature soon!"

- Sep 30, 2010 by Guest07709

"DALE did a fantastic job for us recently drawing caricatures with a football theme at a 50th birthday party. He worked far longer than contracted for to be sure everyone could be drawn and really made the difference in the party. Our guests were so pleased with the artistic results and asked him to do similar drawings for their upcoming events. His work is highly recommendable without compare."
- Sep 29, 2010 by Guest14671
Thanks, but while it seemed I worked long hours, I did not actually exceed the contract. I would never try to scam someone for unauthorized overtime. I just wanted to clarify that point to avoid misunderstandings which may arise from this well-meaning reviewer.
Thanks again,


"DALE GLADSTONE, New York City Caricature Artist, is an immensely talented individual. I commissioned him to create a caricature for my fiance's 30th birthday and was absolutely delighted with the result. He incorporated all of my requests and added his own creative flair. Not only is he a great artist, but he is also an organized and thoughtful businessman. I would definitely use him in the future as his caricatures make wonderful gifts. People can't help but smile when they look upon his artwork. " *****
- Aug 27, 2009 by Guest87677

"DALE GLADSTONE does wonderful work. He can draw multiple people at a time in a caricature picture. He can also print out multiple copies for each individual in the group."

- Jan 30, 2009 Maria, Westbury, NY


"DALE GLADSTONE's a very good caricature artist, local to Bristol, PA, capturing the glamorous side of people. Pictures are done quickly, printout instantly, and capture the essence of the subject. He came onsite to work function, adding fun and interest to the party."

- November 25, 2008 Betsy, Philadelphia, PA

"DALE was hired to do caricatures for our company's fall festival. He was a big hit. We had a line of people waiting for their caricature. His computerized drawings were a success and he was able to do group photos without having the group pose together. We would definetly hire him again."
- November 19, 2008 Tia, Philadelphia, PA

"Dale uses his tablet pc to digitally draw the caricatures from hand so that more than one copy can be made for a group. He is very talented and has made some exceptional pieces of art for us." *****
- November 20, 2008 Guest19479, Philadelphia, PA

"We asked Dale to join us for our local Gardiner Day in NY to represent Ulster Savings Bank. He was extremely professional and the crowd was so excited to have him there. I was proud to have him represent our bank by incorporating our logo into each drawing. His caricature drawings were a huge success and was the best marketing promotion I have done to date. Dale is very personable and the list to have drawings done was so long we will need to extend his time with US next year. We will definitely call on Dale for this event and possibly for additional events throughout the year. I highly recommend Dale's caricature drawings to add a fun element to any event. Thank you Dale and I look forward to working with you in the future." *****

- Kathy, Ulster Co, Sep 18, 2008

"Thank You, Dale it was a pleasure. Yes my cousin's friend hired you for her son's birthday party. I will definately recommend you to my family & friends, you were great!" *****
- Candice, Brooklyn, Aug 12, 2008

"Dale was a big hit at my daughter's 11th birthday celebration! The kids loved him and he made each caricature unique and each child feel special! Each one brought their drawing home with pride and couldn't wait to show their parents. A nice treat and a momento for a lifetime. A great idea for a New York party!"

- Tanya Martinez Snyder, Westchester, Aug 4, 2008

"Thank you, Dale. You really are 5-star." *****
- July 29, 2008 Marilyn Trumfio, Director of Brokerage Services
Murray Hill Properties, NY, NY

"Thanks again for a wonderful event! You were fantastic." *****

- July 29, 2008 Lauren Grosz, Development Manager/ Special Events
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"Was very accommodating, went over well with the kids, we would recommend him, he did a great job." *****
- Guest00109, Jul 7, 2008

"Highly recommended. Dale is a talented caricaturist. I hired him to work at my son's 15th birthday party. He was wonderful. Quiet and unassuming, yet very professional. The guests were thrilled with his portraits. I think he is a great addition to a party. We were very pleased with his work." *****
- May 30, 2008 SusanneLShoe, NY

"Dale was the hit of my daughter's Communion party. Both the kids and the adults really enjoyed watching him work, and sitting for a caricature. I highly recommend Dale Gladstone for any type of event."

- May 13, 2008 LOCALOLA, New York

Dale was wonderful. He was a joy to have at my Mom's 80th birthday party in Pennsylvania. Dale gave them all a wonderful caricature sketch to take home as a memory. The party had a lot of Girl Scout people there and they even sang for him when he was done.:) I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to make a function special. He had quite a distance to drive to get to this party and did so and arrived early. He interacted with my guests and everyone enjoyed their time speaking to him. He was a hit for sure and the people at the party went home very happy with their caricatures. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wishing for something different and yet special at a party.
- Apr 10, 2008 by Joy from Telford, PA

"My wife hired Dale after she was couldn't find anyone local for a party. His prices were on the mark and the ability to use technology with his artistic ability was a amazing. He not only did the individual caricatures drawings for the group he then proceeded to do groupings (without asking). He allows you to pick and choose which options your want so that you can customize the experience. We played a game with our 2 1/2 yr old niece at the party to see if she could tell us who all of the guests were by their caricatures drawn by Dale and she was able to identify all of them by pointing to them as we said the guest's name. I would hire him again no questions asked." *****
- Mar 17, 2008 by D.A. from Newfield, NJ

"We engaged Dale to "spice up" a client appreciation dinner for about 15 people.
There was a big drop down screen in the dining room that Dale connected his laptop to, and his
caricatures became the focal point of the party. Lots of fun and laughter, Dale really did a fantastic job,and the customer thought that it was a great idea. I thought so too. (My Idea!!) Consider engaging Dale for your next party with friends or business guests in the NY area; you'll be quite happy with his service." *****
- Mar 17, 2008 Tad from White Plains, NY

"Dale is superb! He did my daughter's Bat Mitzvah caricatures and everyone was amazed!" *****
- Mar 15, 2008 Brendan O, Westchester, NY

"Highly recommended! Extremely competitive in pricing. Arrived early, set up, was professional and polite. Drew some of the kids at the party a few times, each time with a different theme." ****
- Mar 18, 2008 by BitterBiddle

"Dale came to my husband's 50th Birthday party to draw caricatures of our guests. It was really fun entertainment for both the adults and the kids as everyone could look on as Dale drew each person or couple. (We had many options from which to choose and we all were very pleased with the results) All of my guests said that they loved the idea and that is was the best party favor that they have ever had.
People who have seen the caricatures in the homes of our guests have asked them who did the drawings and commented as to how good they were and what a great idea for the 50th Birthday party.
Thank you Dale, everyone is still telling me how much fun it was and how they are still enjoying the caricatures. "
- Mar 14, 2008 Cindy from South Jersey

"Great work, great prices." *****
- Mar 14, 2008 HM from Syosset, NY

"Dale is a great caricaturist. He is very focused on his drawings which makes it both enjoyable and comfortable to sit for. His drawings reflect the individual in just about 5 minutes. We are grateful that he agreed to be a part of our school fundraiser and donate half of his proceeds to the school. Thanks Dale and we hope to work with you again next year!" *****
- Mar 14, 2008 E Hong, NY, NY

- Mar 14, 2008 Chris G Alevras, Esq, NJ

"Talented artist! Nice guy. Dale drew caricatures for all the guests at my 50th birthday party, and everyone enjoyed him." *****
- Mar 14, 2008 DJY, Westchester

"Dale was our caricaturist at our holiday party last December. Although it was a stormy night and all means of transportation was backed up, he arrived with plenty of time to set-up his sophisticated equipment, professionally dressed and ready to work. He asked each subject a question and drew that person with that subject in mind, (EG--I'm a Mets fan so my caricature has on a Mets uniform). The picture was very detailed and the end result was a colorful rendition of each guest. His depictions veer toward the flattering aspect of caricaturism so everyone was happy and flaws were not exaggerated.
- Mar 14, 2008 Guest99292


"My best decision ever!:
We asked Dale to use his artistic talents at a Communion Party and I must say that everyone enjoyed it very much. It kept all the kids occupied. The best was that everyone got to take something home with them from the event. I would use his
caricature service again in the future." *****
- Jun 20, 2007 Lori from Smithtown, New York

"Notably good service experience:
I hired the best, you. Thank you for helping us celebrate my son's Bar Mitzvah.
I will always recommend you. Thank you again."
- Apr 15, 2007 Seth from Plainview, NY

"Notably good service experience:
Dale is a very pleasant, talented and insightful caricature artist. Guests at
our event loved him! Glad we hired him! I'd do it again and have already
recommended him to friends and business associates."
- Mar 28, 2007 Leslie from Armonk, NY

"The caricatures were creative and entertaining:
My Long Island guests were thrilled. Dale Gladstone was personable and therefore
able to tailor the caricatures to the subject's personality. My son was thrilled
with his "race car" caricature. My event on Long Island, New York was wonderful
and every guest was happy to go home with a caricature keepsake."
- Mar 28, 2007 CL from Oceanside, NY


"Dale is wonderful! He has a fantastic talent. I always recommend him to
my clients."

- Dec 15, 2006 Harry Mandel, magician, Long Island

"Consistent quality and professionalism:
Top quality caricatures from an artist who is sensitive to his clients' requests
and exceeds their expectations. We have used Dale Gladstone for a party and three
projects and are thrilled with his creativity and work. He always completes work
on timely basis."
- Oct 21, 2006 Estela, New York, NY

"Best caricatures ever!
Dale Gladstone was able to capture the little characteristics that made each
person unique, and showed these details through his artistic work."
- Nov 14, 2006 Tanya, Brooklyn, NY


"The best decision I ever made!
Dale did a great job at our party. Everyone wanted to get one of his caricatures.
Our party was located within 10 miles of New York, NY. We plan to have him at
more party events. I would recommend him for things such as trade shows. He was
professional in dealing with individuals and designed a great backdrop to go with
our party's theme. I would highly recommend his services."
- Nov 3, 2006 Maria, Ernst & Young, Hackensack, NJ


"Excellent caricaturist with an uncanny ability to capture his subject's persona.
Dale was hired to create caricatures at a big political celebration in Westchester,
New York. People there were very happy with his work. He is an experienced, reliable
professional with many years of seasoning to his credit. His artistry is really on
target. I took a chance and it came out real well!"
- Oct 5, 2006 Barry from Armonk, NY

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